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Celebration Ministry


This ministry is assigned the purpose of WORSHIP. Their target is the CROWD. Their job is to plan and oversee weekend seeker services, special worship emphasis and events, and to provide music and worship resources to the rest of the church.
CELEBRATE God's Presence

•    All people experiencing a joyous, musical and prayerful worship celebration.
•    A variety of music coordinated by a gifted leader.
•    An intentional welcoming environment leading to a meaningful worship celebration.
Performance Expectations

This team works to:

  • Maintain a sense of JOY in worship.

  • Increase individual participation in various worship duties (e.g., more youth, women readers, more acolytes, more ushers, etc.).

  • Work to put multicultural inovations in place.

  • Coordinate and foster other enhancements in worship (choirs, bells, etc.).

  • Oversee and improve worship facilities.

  • Coordinate all auxilliary services, i.e., nursery, taping, equipment). 

  • Maintain worship attendance records, communicate with church office. 

  • Stay in communication with Altar Guild


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