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Communication Ministry

This ministry is assigned the purpose of EVANGELISM. Their target is the COMMUNITY. Their job is to plan, promote, and oversee all of the churches bridge events, seeker groups, evangelism training, evangelistic activities and programs, and mission projects. They are to organize whatever it takes to reach our community and our world for Christ.



  • Empowers and provides the church with direction in fulfilling the outreach vision.

  • Motivated by Christ, reaching out in love and friendship inviting the community.

  • Is motivated for community outreach because of compassionate love for serving the unchurched.

  • The team is well organized, trained and equipped to reach the targeted group.

Performance Expectations

This team works to:

  • Explore new ideas for outreach into our community.

  • Establish an intentional school-outreach sub-team.

  • Establish an outreach ministry to families of the Early Learning Center.

  • Help develop outreach strategy for Hispanic Ministry.

  • Contact every visitor to worship within 2 days of visit.

  • Use Lutheran Hour Ministry programs/referrals wisely.

  • Increase overall worship attendnce by both members and friends associated with Christ Lutheran.

Also responsible for Class 401 in the Life Development Institute.

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