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Education Ministry


Their ministry is assigned the purpose of DISCIPLESHIP. Their target is the COMMITTED. Their job is to lead our member to deeper spiritual commitment. This ministry is leading in the development of our Life Development/Discipleship Institute. They also lead in all Bible studies, growth groups in homes, and special church-wide spiritual growth campaigns.

Performance Expectations

This team works to:

  • Develop strong discipleship-training program emphasizing:

    • clarity of understanding of doctrine (catechism)

    • ability to share one's faith

    • Biblically correct stewardship understanding

    • the role of fellowship and service in the Christian Life

    • spiritual gift recognition

    • management of Christian life and relationships

  • Increase stewardship levels of our members.

  • Develop leadership training ideas/programs/retreats.

  • Provide events/programs of education for all ages.

Also responsible for Class 201 in the Life Development Institute.

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